A Rainbow World Cup 2010

Africa 2010

World Cup 2010 South Africa: The Unseen Story from Ian Cesay on Vimeo.


A Rainbow World Cup - South Africa 2010: The Documentary


And so, another important chapter within the history of football’s most premier occasion was here, this with the return of the World Cup, sports greatest, most popular and glittering show-piece for a festival of entertainment.

The event had an eternal romance with the world public and represented the unity of the peoples love for football by overcoming barriers of race, colour, different cultures, religion, and politics.

On no other stage could a football player display his talent to such a vast audience, an occasion where aspiring superstars are born into legendary status. If ever there were a chance for a player to cement his status into footballing folklore then it would be now at these championships.

The finals elevated each and every footballers career to its pinnacle in an event that brought the ultimate challenge for the finest exponents of the football game, this from every corner of the globe with nations to gather and do battle in total commitment for the most prized honour in team sport.

It was an event that threw up heroes among heroes as well as the villains, a time when one could expect the unexpected with the one living desire of each competing player to lift the coveted trophy, last achieved by the captain of Italy ‘Cannavarro’ in the gigantic arena of Berlin in Germany.
This, the 18th, and the first ever in the continent of Africa was destined to become the best yet with countless stories sure to unfold and be re-written into the history books.