2010 World Cup documentary image

Director's Comment

Overseeing the Rainbow World Cupproject brought a personal satisfaction that cannot be measured in mere words. What started as a vision, a dream, something within the figment of my imagination, a total long shot had been realised, brought to life by persistence and unflinching belief within myself.
A Rainbow World Cup: We are the world, we are the people, the documentary was now real. The pleasure, the sense of achievement was pure ecstasy that brought a gleeful smile that I had accomplished what I had set out to achieve all that time ago. All the self-doubt, negative thoughts (despite having no negative feedback from those around) had been overcome and the self-belief within me, faith shown by my wife steadfast as always.

For once in my life, I think I can give myself, a humble person, some due credit for quiet an achievement, especially when I sit down and think about it. This for taking the necessary steps and making a conscientious decision to fly alone to South Africa, this in the midst of scaremongering talk that ravaged the country’s hosting of the finals;to not only enjoy the festive occasion, but film it and bring it to the screen.

Like anything it brought the greatest of challenges, but from somewhere within I had the courage and belief that crushed any of the misgivings...
This was from a novice, a real first-timer in every sense of the word with no previous as a documentary filmmaker, relying on instincts of being able to tell a story as well as the minimal experience of using a DV camcorder bought in Japan in 2002.

All I had when I ventured there was my guts, a camera and a carefully thought-out strategy on filming, and unbelievably it worked out the way I had meticulously planned.
Even then, filming it was easy in comparison to putting it all together. I mean the editing and bringing it all together. This was from somebody whom had never edited any kind of film by himself.

Though all which you see is my own work, through trial and error, I give my tremendous appreciation to Duke Dam whom out of his kindness, when others didn’t offer, downloaded the editing software on my laptop. Without this, the project would never have bornefruition. Also, great thanks go to Greg Kong whom in the vicinity of a west end café gave me the basic ins-and-outs instructions of the timeline and other technicalities such as sound assistance. From there onwards I was on my own but somehow figured it out even when I had forgotten and was frustrated by my lack of knowledge and experience. Giovanni Vinti of Pitanga Creative Design constructed the website and Keiichi Miyaoidid his own bit. Don and Cheggs, experienced campaigners in film gave me ideas on how to approach filming the project as did Michael Sorkan with sound aspects and my sister Tor along with some of her friends and associates whom helped with gaining access to playing the music for the documentary.

I also thank all the people that participated with a good heart and agreed to aid me in this dream project for me. Without them it would never have happened. So my warmest thanks go out to Ally, David (Mexico), Michael (Australia), Don, Linda, Iwasaki, Dave, Doug, Tom, Indira, Mads, Martin, Lee, Kola, Ikume, and the many others whose names I did not manage to obtain.

Following on from my first book ‘A Soccer Commentary, the International Game’ I have now set forth in motion in bringing out a book in conjunction with the documentary titled Two Worlds One Cup.

It is now 2014 and Brazil’s World Cup bestows upon us all, and I have decided to do it all again. Wish me luck.

The Documentary

A Rainbow World Cup, the documentary is the story of the football fans journey and experience during the first finals on the continent of Africa; both factual and highly personal that will capture the imagination of the audience, giving them a real live behind the scenes insight into the events of the world cup - the relevant daily issues, incidents, personal views and off the field activities of the teams, officials, fans, the media, and the people of South Africa.

It offers an insight into three aspects:

the romance and the razzmatazzz surrounding a momentous extravaganza, the beautiful sights, images and sounds; capturing the most exciting, spontaneous and intriguing moments of the carnival atmosphere - showing a wide range of human experiences such as love, joy spirit, passion.

the impact of playing a World Cup in Africa on its peoples their intriguing and fascinating cultures exposed to a global audience

and a look at some of the characters attending the finals as they talk about their hopes, expectations, fears, misconceptions and personal experiences. An intriguing personal, and realistic insight into the fun and excitement at being at a World Cup.

It is not just about the football, it's the occasion, the excitement, the despair, the joy, the romance, the fascination of many different nationals interacting and making friends.

Viewers will witness true emotions, the impact of the event on people's everyday lives; their reactions and views of the extravaganza, and the reasons why they support certain teams when their own national sides have been knocked out of the competition.